The most creative part of the print and advertising industry is graphic design. Due to the daily growth of the advertising industry, nowadays it is hard to find a unique design, not a simple copy of others works. Smart business owners have to choose a creative and trustworthy designer to rely on because it is impossible to check all the existing designs

and it’s a costly nightmare, for example, to change a logo after introducing the brand to market.
We try to do our best to achieve uniqueness of your artworks and to assure that we search for similarities to avoid them.


Design Fees

Logo: RM 300 – 500

Will be done within three working days (but we can work faster if you are in a real rush) We welcome your input to incorporate any of your ideas, colour schemes, styles into the design from the start.


Letterhead, Envelope & Business Card: RM 300

Letterhead, envelope and business cards make the first impression of a business. We guarantee that you will stand out by our design.


Brochure: RM 300

Double-Sided tri-fold A4 brochure


Leaflet: RM 200

Double-Sided A4/A5 leaflet


Poster: RM 200

Design up to A2 size poster.


Book or Magazine Cover: RM 300

Design of book or magazine cover based on the content.


Layout Design: RM 50 -100 per page

Layout design for Newsletter, Magazine, Book, Company Profile


Photo Retouch: RM 200

Making new photos from old photos or mixing photos together.


Layout Design