Giant Backdrop Stand
Giant Backdrop Stand
Dimensions: 240cm(w) x 240cm(h) Material: Aluminum, Metal base Packing: Canvas Trolley Bag Weight: 15 kg Printing: Subject to Quote Material: Tarpaulin / Fabric
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Juster Executive Cover PU4
Juster Executive Cover PU4

Minimum order 50 pcs

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DescriptionJuster Executive Cover
Code No.PU4
MaterialItalian PU
Size175mm x 255mm
Text Selection
  • 1003T Executive Notebook Text
  • 1015T A5 Portfolio Management Diary
  • 1016T Agenda Planner Text
  • 1017T Diary Note
  • 1018T Personal Notebook (Undated)
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Linen Name Card
Linen Name Card
High quality offset print on linen paper
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Semi Circle Wall Fabric 10 ft
Semi Circle Wall Fabric 10 ft
>::Fire Resistance::< Dimensions(cm): H:130~230 D:240 Accessories: Canvas Bag / Weight: 20kg MYR 7800.00*(1side) MYR 8840.00*(2side) Printing: Working Day:15Days Material: Dye Sublimation,Fabric
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