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Juster Executive Cover PU4


Minimum order 50 pcs

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DescriptionJuster Executive Cover
Code No.PU4
MaterialItalian PU
Size175mm x 255mm
Text Selection
  • 1003T Executive Notebook Text
  • 1015T A5 Portfolio Management Diary
  • 1016T Agenda Planner Text
  • 1017T Diary Note
  • 1018T Personal Notebook (Undated)



Juster Executive Cover

Print Cost:

Insertions Changes
Quantity1 page (1c x 1c)1 Page (4c x oc)
100-200RM 0.60 /pcsRM 3.00 /pcs
300-500 RM 0.40 /pcsRM 2.00 /pcs
600-1000RM 0.30 /pcsRM 1.00 /pcs


Silkscreen Charges for Diaries / Organizer / Colour
QuantityUnit Price / Colour
Below100Minimum Charge RM120.00
100-200RM 1.00 /pcs
201-500RM 0.80 /pcs
501-800RM 0.60 /pcs
801-1000RM 0.50 /pcs
Above 1000RM 0.40 /pcs
Additional Colour RM 0.40 per colour
Film charge & Block Charge at RM 40.00
*Maximum print area for Diary is 50mm x 120mm

*Maximum print area for Desk Planner is 50mm x 480mm


Hot stamping Chare for Diaries & Desk Calendar
QuantityUnit Price
Below100Minimum Charge RM80.00
100-500RM 0.70 /pcs
501-1000RM 0.60 /pcs
Above 1000RM 0.50 /pcs
Hot Stamping Block charge at RM 30.00
*Maximum print area for Diry is 50mm x 120mm


Hot stamping or Debossed Charge for UP Products and Organizer
QuantityUnit Price
Below100Minimum Charge RM120.00
100-300RM 0.80 /pcs
Above 300RM 0.70 /pcs
Thick Zinc Block Charge at RM 80.00
*Maximum print area for is 40mm x 60mm



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