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RHINO – Suction Bottle (450ml)


Minimum order 50 pcs

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DescriptionRHINO – Suction Bottle (450ml)
Sub CategoryDrinkware
Code No.M122
Base MaterialPlastic
Surface FinishingSolid Matt
Units per Carton20
Units per inner box1
Weight per Carton (kg)7.3
Weight per Unit (g)321
Dimension (mm)220(H) X 80(D)
Carton size (mm)455 (L) x 363 (W) x 250 (H)
Print area 125mm(L) x 120mm(H) – UV
Print area 250mm(L) x 120mm(H) – Roller
Print TypeRoller Print/UV
Packing detailsEach in colored box
Designed in Taiwan, an original Artiart product.

Material Specification:

Capacity: 450ml

– Fits in a car cupholder
– Silicone strap for an easy hold
– PP Strainer
– Suction base keeps it from falling over but lifts upright easily

(works on flat & smooth surfaces), Reduces spillage occurrence.
– Twin wall casings that are heat insulated for comfortable gripping.
– 90 Degree pick up easily by vertical lift



Pad printing is the process used to transfer ink from an etched printing plate onto any kind of surface using a silicone rubber pad. The main advantage of this method is it has the ability to print on any kind of irregular surface. It is more suited for small print areas rather than larger ones.

A block charge is applicable to produce the etched printing plate. The type of ink required differs according to the material (plastic/metal) you wish to print on.

Plastic Pen Charges
QuantityCharge Per Colour Per Piece (RM)Block Charge Per Colour (RM)
≤ 300, min charge RM4560
> 100000.10F.O.C.
Metal Pen Charges
QuantityCharge Per Colour Per Piece (RM)Block Charge Per Colour (RM)
< 350, min charge of RM6540.00
> 60000.15F.O.C.

Silkscreen printing uses a fine mesh stretched tightly onto a frame. A negative design is created on the screen and ink is pushed through with a squeegee, making direct contact on the object. This printing is suited for medium to large sized prints. One colour is considered one print.

A block charge is applicable to create a silkscreen.

Standard Charges
QuantityCharge Per Colour Per Unit (RM)Block Charge Per Colour (RM)
≤ 100, min charge RM6560
> 10,0000.40F.O.C.
QuantityCharge Per Colour Per Unit (RM)Block Charge Per Colour (RM)
≤ 100, min charge RM10055

A slight variation in silkscreen printing. However, a special attachment is used to roll the print onto curved/rounded surfaces.

Roller Charges
QuantityCharge Per Colour Per Piece (RM)Block Charge Per Colour (RM)
< 1006560
above 40000.40F.O.C.

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is the process of using UV inks instead of traditional inks. While traditional inks are solvent based and dried via evaporation, UV inks are cured with UV light. This method is suited for small prints with multiple colours.

UV Charges
Print SizeQuantityPrice Per Piece (RM)
1x6cm<100, min charge RM120
3x3cm<100, min charge RM200
5x5cm<100, min charge RM280

This table serves as a general guide only. Print price is subject to the size and number of colours on the logo.

Embroidery is a process where the logo/artwork is reproduced with direct stitching onto the product.

Size (cm)3×3 – 5×53×3 – 5×53×3 – 5×5> 5×5
DetailsSimple textFully embroideredWith intricate detailsMultiple layering
Multiple colours

<100pcs Base charge (RM)5580140140
Unit price (RM)1.50 – 1.751.75 – 2.452.45 – 3.303.30 – 3.90

For quantities below 100 units, a base charge is applicable on top of the unit price.
Pricing in this table serves as a general guide only.
Print price is subject to your logo/artwork. Kindly contact us directly for the final pricing.

Silicone printing uses a special ink formula that will adhere to the silicone material. The temperature required for drying ranges between 120-150 °C. For printing on the ready stock, silicone printing is limited to one solid colour. Multiple colours is possible if each solid colour is positioned at a different spot.

U.Price/colourUnit Price (RM)Block Charge (RM)
≤ 100, min charge RM13060
> 5001.0060

Heat-transfer printing uses heat to transfer pre-printed images on a wax based ink ribbon to an object. This method is well suited for larger prints with multiple colours.

Bag charges
SizePrice Per Piece (RM)
0-999 pcs>1000pcs
< A52.901.60
Umbrella charges
SizePrice Per Piece (RM)

This table serves as a general guide only. Prices differ according to the type of ink required for the object material.

A focused laser beam is directed at a material, which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. The final finish look will be dependent on the base material of the object.

At Ideahouse, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive pricing for laser services.

No block charge applicable for this type of printing.


Quantity<50 (min charge)51-99100 and above
Type ARM100RM1.50RM1.00
Type BRM120RM1.80RM1.50
Type CRM130RM2.00RM1.80

Type A: Metal Pen (except white) Key Holder, Name Card Holder
Type B: Metal Pen (white), KM75, Power Bank
Type C: Drinkware, PU Leather

Laser type of each product can be found under its product detail page.
L refers to Level according to the Preferred Agent Program

Sample charge: RM10/pc
Individual personalization: + RM2.00-RM4.00/pc
Rush Charge
<24 hours = x2
24 – 48 hours = x1.5

This serves as a guide only. Price is subject to logo size and product type. Kindly contact us for final pricing.

Debossing is a process of creating an indentation on a surface with a metal plate, resulting in a depressed impression.
A block charge is applicable to create a metal plate for stamping.

This service is only available for PU22, PU18 notebooks and PU10 Travel Organizer.

PU22 and PU18 Notebooks
QuantityPrice Per Piece (RM)Block Charge (RM)
≤100, min charge RM120100
PU10 Travel Organizer
QuantityPrice Per Piece (RM)Block Charge (RM)
≤100, min charge RM1202.805.30120

Digital foil printing bonds metallic foil to card or paper with heat using a digital printer.
Unlike traditional hot stamping, a stamping die/block is not required. This printing can be done in gold or silver with a shimmery reflective effect.

Suitable for books with paper or PU leather cover.


LevelL0 / CorporateL1L2L3L4L5

Min charge per order: RM50
Individual personalization: + RM2.80/pc
Sample Print: RM30/pc

L refers to Level according to the Preferred Agent Program
This serves as a guide only. Price is subject to logo size and product type. Kindly contact us for final pricing.


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